had an extremely slow and boring day at work today.  but i’ve been busy since i got off.  hubby was ready for a run when i got home.  ran a mile and a half, then did a little strength work-out.  showered and fixed dinner (pizza…nice.  all that running for nothing!)  wrote some thank you notes while we ate dinner and watched one of our shows.  we don’t have cable, just internet, so we watch old seasons of shows on netflix.  right now, we’re stuck on kyle xy and it makes me feel like a teenager, but we’re hooked.  oh well.  :)

i think i’m ready for bed now.  i can’t seem to stop yawning and my eyes are pretty droopy.  my dog, however, is wired.  he is throwing his toys around the living room…yes, throwing…hitting the patio door with them.  silly puppy.

hoping for a more eventful day at work tomorrow.  the time passes so slowly when i have nothing to keep myself busy with.

good night all.



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