there’s a certain pride that you can just feel in the air on independence day.  i love it!  celebrated our day at the beach with the family and dogs, minus jet because he apparently hates to travel (gets car sick), and minus mya because she might have a heart attack if we took her ANYwhere.  […]

in a nutshell

today: when i came back from my lunch break (if you can call it that-i was only gone for 25 minutes), this guy had parked in 4 employee parking spaces. on the front row. what the heck? but then peggy supplied us all with yummy lime fruit bars. and my hubby took me to five […]

weekend adventures

as all weekends do, this weekend went by way too quickly. i feel like i can’t squeeze in enough time with my family! i love being with my family and my husband’s family. just can’t get enough of them! did i say that already? :) right now, my husband is sitting in front of me […]