weekend adventures

as all weekends do, this weekend went by way too quickly. i feel like i can’t squeeze in enough time with my family! i love being with my family and my husband’s family. just can’t get enough of them! did i say that already? :)

right now, my husband is sitting in front of me playing mw3 with his long lost buddy (who got home last week from a tour in afghanistan (billy). we’re so grateful for billy’s service to our country! he and his wife got married last summer right after he got stationed in north carolina. they are going to have a wedding in september and we can’t WAIT to see them!) anyway, as i was saying, tyler is really enjoying having billy home so that he has someone to talk to while he plays. and i love that they can still play xbox together and talk to each other from miles away! :) it makes him happy. happy husband = happy wife.

friday night dinner with my sister and brother-in-law:


the sister’s birthday party:


sunday funday:


new toy = happy puppy

tyler’s putting in some more shelves for me so i can have some more space for organizing. :) i love that man.

hope everyone has a lovely week.




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