high five for friday!

five of my favorite things from this week, in order of when they happened:






1. my new nephew was born on monday morning! his name is mason and even though i haven’t met him yet (baby sis doesn’t live here and i couldn’t drive down with big sis to see them), i already love him. :)

2. my new cousin was born on monday also! :) his name is will and he’s such a sweetiepie! i love him too. they do live here, so i met him…twice already.

3. photoshoot with that beautiful girl. practicing our photog skills.

4. hubs took me to our new favorite restaurant to celebrate 2 months of marriage. :D

5. last night, we went through the drive thru at panera. yum. i had my fix of broccoli and cheddar soup (in the bread bowl) and we got our laugh for the night, thanks to the guy taking our order confusing the heck out of both of us. lol. unfortunately, i forgot to take a picture of our delicious meal. so that one will have to do.

and also, this happened last friday, so technically it wasn’t this week, but i have to share…another baby was born. :) his name is kayden. sweet little chunk! i just love this picture…


and if you’re wondering…yes, i’ve got baby fever. but, then again, i’ve always had baby fever. :)

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it’s my first link-up…eek!


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