crazy hectic life

i’m so terrible at this blogging thing.  i never could keep a diary going either.  it’s weird.  i love to write, but somehow, i always run out of time and i’m too tired when i finally settle down enough to start a post.  my life has been so busy lately…one big event after another.  i promised pictures from our 4th of july celebration, so here are a few for your viewing pleasure.


yep. there you have it. our beach fun. and for the first year in as long as i can remember, i didn’t see any fireworks.  hubs and i left to drive home (remember i had to work, and my workplace is a 35-40 minute drive from our home) because we were so tired and knew we had to get up and go to work the next day. bummer.

so, after july 4th, lots has happened…i already shared some of it (all the babies being born and stuff), but one of my good friends got married!  she was such a beautiful bride.  she and i used to be inseparable…but life happens, and we both got busy.  but i’ve always been grateful for her friendship and i cherish her heart.  she’s such a sweet woman who loves Jesus and i love her.  isn’t she adorable?


Another of my close friends got engaged last weekend (the one i have just started a photography business with) and we are SUPER excited!  i was able to be there to photograph the proposal, and she is so grateful to have those pictures, even though they’re not great ’cause it was dark.  so cute!  see…


can’t believe she’s getting married! yay!!!

and lastly, i’m on a mission to find a way to work from home.  yep.  i’m ready to give up my office job for something i could keep on doing even after the babies come.  i want something where i could make my own hours.  of course, right now, i could work full-time, but once we start having kids, i’d have to cut back some.  idk.  it’s a long shot.  and i’ve been doing some research, but i’m so afraid i’m going to get scammed with these online job offers.  feel free to throw suggestions my way!


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