me, myself, & i [chapter one]

if you really knew me, you would know that…

my favorite day ever was may 11th, 2012–the day i married my best friend.

i have no desire to work.  i want to be a stay-at-home wife/mother.

i hate coffee, but i could drink a chai latte with a shot of peppermint and a shot of cinnamon dolce from starbucks every single day.

i have a scary addiction to my phone. seriously. the people closest to me know that my phone is my oxygen. it’s ridiculous.

i love fountain coke. it’s not the same in a can or a bottle.  it’s best from a machine.  why is it called “fountain coke” anyway?  must look into that.

i adore little babies/kids.

if you mess with my family/friends…well, just don’t.  you will regret it.

my hobby is photography.  if i could do that full time, i’d be ok with working.

i love diy projects, but it takes me forever to finish mine.

sometimes i like to eat mac’n’cheese for dinner.

my husband is extremely smart–i envy him because of all the knowledge he possesses.

i have an obsession with shopping.  i need an intervention.

if you give me an advocare spark, i will drink the whole thing and probably then do jumping jacks and cartwheels.  that crap is awesome.  (p.s. i can totally hook you up with some of that awesome crap…just click that link right there.)

i am a blog stalker.  i stalk the crap out of blogs, especially these:
actually katie, casey wiegand, little miss momma, lovely little things, the londoner, and living in yellow, just to name a few.

ok.  i think i’ve bored you enough for now.  but don’t you worry–i’ll be back.



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