i believe in forgiveness. it’s freeing.  whether you are giving or receiving forgiveness, there is a freedom that comes with it.  i don’t have the right words to explain it.  it’s something that i believe is best understood through experience.  i know i’ve been on both ends.  i’ve needed forgiveness.  and i’ve been the one who […]

i believe

i believe in prayer. i believe in laughing until you cry…or pee your pants. i believe every child is a blessing from above. i believe in having numerous favorite colors: pink, gray, yellow, coral, turquoise, etc. i believe in splurging sometimes. i believe in paying off debt and becoming/staying debt free.  nothing is worth the […]

road trip

i absolutely love road trips with my husband.  this weekend, we’re traveling to south florida for the wedding of some very special friends of ours!  i can’t wait!  it’s going to be fabulous.  too bad my camera is still gone to the camera doctor.  :( my husband loves road trips with me, too.  for several […]

pet peeves

one: stealing this is at the top of my list at the moment, since my purse was stolen a few days ago.  yep.  some jerk smashed in my husband’s window and snatched my purse right out of his car.  while i know it may have been irresponsible and careless of me to leave my purse […]