pet peeves

one: stealing
this is at the top of my list at the moment, since my purse was stolen a few days ago.  yep.  some jerk smashed in my husband’s window and snatched my purse right out of his car.  while i know it may have been irresponsible and careless of me to leave my purse in the car, that doesn’t give anyone the right to just take it.  we work hard for the things we have.  i don’t appreciate someone coming along and just taking my stuff!  not only did they get my personal information (drivers license, credit cards, checkbook), they got the keys to my apartment and my car, and a lot of expensive stuff that i can’t just go out and buy again (sunglasses, several vera bradley pieces, and every.single.bit of make up i own).  ugh.  i don’t think i have ever been so mad in my life.

slow drivers in the left lane
i don’t really care if there is no one in the right lane and i could easily go around you…the left lane is for PASSING.  so if you’re going to putt-putt along the road, MOVE OVER TO THE RIGHT SIDE! [i have terrible road rage, if you must know.]

three: smoking
i’m sorry…  no i’m not.  it bothers me, and that’s what this post is about, isn’t it?  so yeah…it stinks.  it’s damaging your lungs.  not to mention it makes your teeth yellow, your skin wrinkle, and your hair ugly…yes, your hair.  it stole two of my grandparents’ lives.  i have a right to hate it.
[disclaimer: i’m not judging.  if you smoke, i still love you.  i know that it’s an addiction, and that addictions are hard to break.  but if you’ve never smoked, do me a favor and don’t start!]

four: rudeness
it may seem cliche, but i try to follow the golden rule.  i don’t like it when people are rude to me, so i try not to be rude to others.  let’s face it–every single one of us has a bad day now and then.  doesn’t give any of us the right to be rude to people.

five: yelling
it isn’t necessary.  it doesn’t accomplish anything.  especially if you’re yelling at children.  it only makes it worse.  sit down, be an adult, and lower your voice.

six: the misuse of “couldn’t have cared less”
it really bugs me when people are trying to tell you how little they care, and they say, “i could have cared less”…ok…you’re telling me that you actually DO care enough that you COULD care a little less.  if you are, in fact, trying to say that you really don’t give a rat’s patootie, you should say, “i could NOT have cared less,” meaning, you care so little that there is no way you could possibly care any less.  got it?

seven: backstabbers
people…listen…if someone is talking with you about someone behind their back, they’re most likely talking about you behind your back as well.  grow up.  stop talking about each other.  get along.  be nice to people.  find a better way to build yourself up.  you don’t have to put other people down.

i think that’s enough.

[end rant.]


6 thoughts on “pet peeves

  1. I can say “amen” to every one of those! I am a slow driver, but I stay in the “slow” lane and even move over to the middle lane if someone needs to make it to the light in time to make a right. Will says I’m the most courteous driver ever ;) I’m really sorry about your purse. That is SO lame and unfair. I hope the person gets caught!

    • Well, thank you for driving in the slow lane. ;) I’m not a courteous driver at all…Tyler is though. I always tell him he’s too nice. He drives like you. And thank you. It was pretty lame. I don’t think they’re even looking…the cop didn’t even check the car for fingerprints. Bummer. Oh well. Teach me to leave my purse in the car! Lol!

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