road trip

i absolutely love road trips with my husband.  this weekend, we’re traveling to south florida for the wedding of some very special friends of ours!  i can’t wait!  it’s going to be fabulous.  too bad my camera is still gone to the camera doctor.  :(

my husband loves road trips with me, too.  for several reasons:

1) he has to stop to let me pee numerous times
2) we have to get another drink and snacks at almost every stop
3) i tend to pump up the music and sing at the top of my lungs
4) i tell him he’s going too fast, but then he slows down and i tell him to speed up
5) he wants the air on and i want it off

i could go on.  but i’m sure you get the picture.  :)  honestly, though, despite the fact that those things annoy him (except for number 3–he actually does like it when i sing…i just usually won’t unless the music is turned up very loudly and he hates that), we do enjoy a good road trip together.  just the two of us.  it’s nice.  so, at noon tomorrow, i’m off for a nice little mini vacay.  thanks, billy and claudia for giving us a reason to take it.  ;)



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