i believe in forgiveness.

it’s freeing.  whether you are giving or receiving forgiveness, there is a freedom that comes with it.  i don’t have the right words to explain it.  it’s something that i believe is best understood through experience. 

i know i’ve been on both ends.  i’ve needed forgiveness.  and i’ve been the one who has to forgive.

there is power in forgiveness.  never underestimate it.

when you’re the one who’s been hurt, forgive.  let it go.  it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not still hurting, but that you choose joy.  don’t let bitterness take over.  unforgiveness will make you bitter.  i’ve been there too.  holding onto grudges, refusing to push forward…it festers and it makes you miserable.  and when you forgive someone who is repentant (and even those who are not), tell them.  it will free you both.


trust me.



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