sometimes i just don’t have anything nice (or important) to say. lately, that’s been the case…which is why i have been so quiet. without going into detail, i’ll just say that life has thrown me some curve balls within the past couple of weeks…some of them probably shouldn’t have affected me the way that they did. they weren’t necessarily even my issue, but people i care very much about were hurt. some things were done and said that really just made me want to kick some teeth out ticked me off. remember that one time i talked about forgiveness? yeah, turns out, i still don’t quite have that down. i still struggle with it. guess maybe the Lord is trying to teach me a lesson? probably–that’s usually the case.

also, tyler and i are still visiting around trying to find a new home church. there are so many churches in tallahassee…but it’s just not the same. i went to the same church for 17 years. i grew up there. my family is there. but it’s just not practical for us to drive 30 minutes (one way) to church every day. plus, we both feel like it’s time for us to find a new home, as a married couple. it’s just hard. hard to let go. hard to move on. but we’re getting there. we will find a place where we fit.

anyway, i’m trusting things will settle down and get back to normal soon…whatever that is.



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