I love this kid. Seriously, life with him is so much fun. Though it’s incredibly challenging at times, we are constantly reminded of how truly blessed we are. We will never take for granted the blessing of being parents. Advertisements

And I’m back.

Really decided I don’t like Blogger much. WordPress is where it’s at for me. I haven’t blogged in months though! Awful. So much has happened since August! We’ve moved back home! Yay! Tyler was able to transfer back to Tally and we’re both so happy to be near our friends and families…especially since we now […]

Happy Friday!

It’s been a pretty good week for me. :) 1. Put up my Christmas stuff. love! 2. Time with my in-laws watching the ACC championship game and eating yummy food! 3. Photo session with my nephews! 4. Impromptu date night. Dinner and a movie (Pitch Perfect…AWESOME!) with my husband. 5. Delicious Carrabba’s dinner and wine […]

wow, i suck.

i just went an entire month without blogging once. oops. oh well. since this blog is really just for me, i guess that’s ok. not too much has happened. although i did get my camera back and am back in business! that’s exciting. there’s just something about being behind the camera that makes me feel […]

currently wanting…

colored skinnies. to curl up in warm pj’s with a cup of hot chocolate and a movie. to buy everything in home goods. someone to fold the basket of laundry on my kitchen table. a big fluffy white couch. this nail polish. a week off of work…paid. motivation to do some crafting. aaaand, world peace. […]


sometimes i just don’t have anything nice (or important) to say. lately, that’s been the case…which is why i have been so quiet. without going into detail, i’ll just say that life has thrown me some curve balls within the past couple of weeks…some of them probably shouldn’t have affected me the way that they […]


i believe in forgiveness. it’s freeing.  whether you are giving or receiving forgiveness, there is a freedom that comes with it.  i don’t have the right words to explain it.  it’s something that i believe is best understood through experience.  i know i’ve been on both ends.  i’ve needed forgiveness.  and i’ve been the one who […]

i believe

i believe in prayer. i believe in laughing until you cry…or pee your pants. i believe every child is a blessing from above. i believe in having numerous favorite colors: pink, gray, yellow, coral, turquoise, etc. i believe in splurging sometimes. i believe in paying off debt and becoming/staying debt free.  nothing is worth the […]