road trip

i absolutely love road trips with my husband.  this weekend, we’re traveling to south florida for the wedding of some very special friends of ours!  i can’t wait!  it’s going to be fabulous.  too bad my camera is still gone to the camera doctor.  :(

my husband loves road trips with me, too.  for several reasons:

1) he has to stop to let me pee numerous times
2) we have to get another drink and snacks at almost every stop
3) i tend to pump up the music and sing at the top of my lungs
4) i tell him he’s going too fast, but then he slows down and i tell him to speed up
5) he wants the air on and i want it off

i could go on.  but i’m sure you get the picture.  :)  honestly, though, despite the fact that those things annoy him (except for number 3–he actually does like it when i sing…i just usually won’t unless the music is turned up very loudly and he hates that), we do enjoy a good road trip together.  just the two of us.  it’s nice.  so, at noon tomorrow, i’m off for a nice little mini vacay.  thanks, billy and claudia for giving us a reason to take it.  ;)



pet peeves

one: stealing
this is at the top of my list at the moment, since my purse was stolen a few days ago.  yep.  some jerk smashed in my husband’s window and snatched my purse right out of his car.  while i know it may have been irresponsible and careless of me to leave my purse in the car, that doesn’t give anyone the right to just take it.  we work hard for the things we have.  i don’t appreciate someone coming along and just taking my stuff!  not only did they get my personal information (drivers license, credit cards, checkbook), they got the keys to my apartment and my car, and a lot of expensive stuff that i can’t just go out and buy again (sunglasses, several vera bradley pieces, and every.single.bit of make up i own).  ugh.  i don’t think i have ever been so mad in my life.

slow drivers in the left lane
i don’t really care if there is no one in the right lane and i could easily go around you…the left lane is for PASSING.  so if you’re going to putt-putt along the road, MOVE OVER TO THE RIGHT SIDE! [i have terrible road rage, if you must know.]

three: smoking
i’m sorry…  no i’m not.  it bothers me, and that’s what this post is about, isn’t it?  so yeah…it stinks.  it’s damaging your lungs.  not to mention it makes your teeth yellow, your skin wrinkle, and your hair ugly…yes, your hair.  it stole two of my grandparents’ lives.  i have a right to hate it.
[disclaimer: i’m not judging.  if you smoke, i still love you.  i know that it’s an addiction, and that addictions are hard to break.  but if you’ve never smoked, do me a favor and don’t start!]

four: rudeness
it may seem cliche, but i try to follow the golden rule.  i don’t like it when people are rude to me, so i try not to be rude to others.  let’s face it–every single one of us has a bad day now and then.  doesn’t give any of us the right to be rude to people.

five: yelling
it isn’t necessary.  it doesn’t accomplish anything.  especially if you’re yelling at children.  it only makes it worse.  sit down, be an adult, and lower your voice.

six: the misuse of “couldn’t have cared less”
it really bugs me when people are trying to tell you how little they care, and they say, “i could have cared less”…ok…you’re telling me that you actually DO care enough that you COULD care a little less.  if you are, in fact, trying to say that you really don’t give a rat’s patootie, you should say, “i could NOT have cared less,” meaning, you care so little that there is no way you could possibly care any less.  got it?

seven: backstabbers
people…listen…if someone is talking with you about someone behind their back, they’re most likely talking about you behind your back as well.  grow up.  stop talking about each other.  get along.  be nice to people.  find a better way to build yourself up.  you don’t have to put other people down.

i think that’s enough.

[end rant.]

a prayer

Jesus, thank you for the many, many blessings you’ve given me–my family, my friends, a job, a car, shelter over my head and food in my stomach, and most of all thank you for loving me, despite my past mistakes and disobedience. forgive me for not always being grateful for the life i have. help me to remember to thank you more often.

help me to be selfless and humble. mold me, Father, into the woman you’ve created me to be. i want what you have laid out for my life. i pray that you will teach me to be the wife that my husband needs and the mother that my future children will need. teach me how to love like you, to be slow to anger, to forgive, to be joyous despite whatever the circumstances may be, to be silent when it’s needed, and give me the right words to say when it isn’t. my desire is to be in the center of your will, God. i want to be used by you.


me, myself, & i [chapter one]

if you really knew me, you would know that…

my favorite day ever was may 11th, 2012–the day i married my best friend.

i have no desire to work.  i want to be a stay-at-home wife/mother.

i hate coffee, but i could drink a chai latte with a shot of peppermint and a shot of cinnamon dolce from starbucks every single day.

i have a scary addiction to my phone. seriously. the people closest to me know that my phone is my oxygen. it’s ridiculous.

i love fountain coke. it’s not the same in a can or a bottle.  it’s best from a machine.  why is it called “fountain coke” anyway?  must look into that.

i adore little babies/kids.

if you mess with my family/friends…well, just don’t.  you will regret it.

my hobby is photography.  if i could do that full time, i’d be ok with working.

i love diy projects, but it takes me forever to finish mine.

sometimes i like to eat mac’n’cheese for dinner.

my husband is extremely smart–i envy him because of all the knowledge he possesses.

i have an obsession with shopping.  i need an intervention.

if you give me an advocare spark, i will drink the whole thing and probably then do jumping jacks and cartwheels.  that crap is awesome.  (p.s. i can totally hook you up with some of that awesome crap…just click that link right there.)

i am a blog stalker.  i stalk the crap out of blogs, especially these:
actually katie, casey wiegand, little miss momma, lovely little things, the londoner, and living in yellow, just to name a few.

ok.  i think i’ve bored you enough for now.  but don’t you worry–i’ll be back.


crazy hectic life

i’m so terrible at this blogging thing.  i never could keep a diary going either.  it’s weird.  i love to write, but somehow, i always run out of time and i’m too tired when i finally settle down enough to start a post.  my life has been so busy lately…one big event after another.  i promised pictures from our 4th of july celebration, so here are a few for your viewing pleasure.


yep. there you have it. our beach fun. and for the first year in as long as i can remember, i didn’t see any fireworks.  hubs and i left to drive home (remember i had to work, and my workplace is a 35-40 minute drive from our home) because we were so tired and knew we had to get up and go to work the next day. bummer.

so, after july 4th, lots has happened…i already shared some of it (all the babies being born and stuff), but one of my good friends got married!  she was such a beautiful bride.  she and i used to be inseparable…but life happens, and we both got busy.  but i’ve always been grateful for her friendship and i cherish her heart.  she’s such a sweet woman who loves Jesus and i love her.  isn’t she adorable?


Another of my close friends got engaged last weekend (the one i have just started a photography business with) and we are SUPER excited!  i was able to be there to photograph the proposal, and she is so grateful to have those pictures, even though they’re not great ’cause it was dark.  so cute!  see…


can’t believe she’s getting married! yay!!!

and lastly, i’m on a mission to find a way to work from home.  yep.  i’m ready to give up my office job for something i could keep on doing even after the babies come.  i want something where i could make my own hours.  of course, right now, i could work full-time, but once we start having kids, i’d have to cut back some.  idk.  it’s a long shot.  and i’ve been doing some research, but i’m so afraid i’m going to get scammed with these online job offers.  feel free to throw suggestions my way!

high five for friday!

five of my favorite things from this week, in order of when they happened:






1. my new nephew was born on monday morning! his name is mason and even though i haven’t met him yet (baby sis doesn’t live here and i couldn’t drive down with big sis to see them), i already love him. :)

2. my new cousin was born on monday also! :) his name is will and he’s such a sweetiepie! i love him too. they do live here, so i met him…twice already.

3. photoshoot with that beautiful girl. practicing our photog skills.

4. hubs took me to our new favorite restaurant to celebrate 2 months of marriage. :D

5. last night, we went through the drive thru at panera. yum. i had my fix of broccoli and cheddar soup (in the bread bowl) and we got our laugh for the night, thanks to the guy taking our order confusing the heck out of both of us. lol. unfortunately, i forgot to take a picture of our delicious meal. so that one will have to do.

and also, this happened last friday, so technically it wasn’t this week, but i have to share…another baby was born. :) his name is kayden. sweet little chunk! i just love this picture…


and if you’re wondering…yes, i’ve got baby fever. but, then again, i’ve always had baby fever. :)

linking up with lauren from “from my grey desk

it’s my first link-up…eek!


there’s a certain pride that you can just feel in the air on independence day.  i love it!  celebrated our day at the beach with the family and dogs, minus jet because he apparently hates to travel (gets car sick), and minus mya because she might have a heart attack if we took her ANYwhere.  i had to work the event last night and my super sweet other half volunteered with me.  i got overtime…he did not.  sorry, hun.  we finished it off with dinner at ihop with my sweet cousins, but sadly, i didn’t get any pictures of that.  :(

i hope you all celebrated the 4th with your loved ones and cherished the time together!

happy birthday america!

pictures to come…

i’ll leave you with one…



in a nutshell



when i came back from my lunch break (if you can call it that-i was only gone for 25 minutes), this guy had parked in 4 employee parking spaces. on the front row. what the heck?


but then peggy supplied us all with yummy lime fruit bars.


and my hubby took me to five guys and tjmaxx. i’m a lucky girl.

everyone be safe tomorrow!!!

weekend adventures

as all weekends do, this weekend went by way too quickly. i feel like i can’t squeeze in enough time with my family! i love being with my family and my husband’s family. just can’t get enough of them! did i say that already? :)

right now, my husband is sitting in front of me playing mw3 with his long lost buddy (who got home last week from a tour in afghanistan (billy). we’re so grateful for billy’s service to our country! he and his wife got married last summer right after he got stationed in north carolina. they are going to have a wedding in september and we can’t WAIT to see them!) anyway, as i was saying, tyler is really enjoying having billy home so that he has someone to talk to while he plays. and i love that they can still play xbox together and talk to each other from miles away! :) it makes him happy. happy husband = happy wife.

friday night dinner with my sister and brother-in-law:


the sister’s birthday party:


sunday funday:


new toy = happy puppy

tyler’s putting in some more shelves for me so i can have some more space for organizing. :) i love that man.

hope everyone has a lovely week.